The God Particle 母带效果器

一个非常好用而且好听的插件,官方宣传这是“only plug-in on Jaycen Joshua’s master channel”。缺点在于CPU占用太高了,使用的时候需要注意。


Use this to control the level of signal coming into The God Particle.

The top numerical reading shows the peak amount of input volume, which turns red when clipping (going over 0dB).

The second numerical reading is RMS value – both of these readings can be reset by clicking them.

The green target represents the sweet spot where Jaycen aims to land his mix input level before it passes through the rest of the signal chain.


Use these 3 dials to fine-tune your mix to hit the corresponding targets in each frequency range before your signal hits the main character section.

You can also add complementary boosts or reductions to your mix here – adjust air with high, main track body with mid and low-end warmth with low.



The Amount dial determines how much character you apply to the signal, ranging from 0 to 200%. Jaycen’s go-to setting can be found at the 100% point on the dial.

This character is the product of The God Particle’s powerful chain of signal processing and FX modules at work under the hood of the UI.



A key component of the Amount section is a powerful multiband dynamics processor. The gain reduction meters, along with the numerical values below, show the amount of attenuation applied to the input signal of each frequency band. The intensity of the dynamics processing can be adjusted by the Amount dial and can be bypassed using the on/off button below.

Each frequency band has a sweet spot within the green targets based on Jaycen’s own mixbus settings. Use these as a kind of visual mixing aid – ideally your mix is hitting those targets before you even start adding character with the Amount dial.


Use the internal (INT) signal as the sidechain input of the multiband dynamics processor, or choose an external (EXT) signal instead.

  • When using INT, the level of the input signal determines the amount of gain reduction applied to the signal.
  • With EXT, the level of the sidechain signal controls the amount of gain reduction applied to the input signal instead.

Use your kick drum as an external sidechain input to your whole drum bus, or more appropriately for The God Particle, use your whole mix as an external sidechain input when exporting individual stems.


Applies an intelligent adaptive limiter to the signal, which increases loudness while retaining your perceived dynamic range.

Control the input gain with the Limiter dial at the bottom. The higher the input gain, the higher the overall perceived loudness, while ensuring levels don’t go over 0dB.

The two numerical meters show the amount of gain reduction being applied to the signal.


Controls the overall volume of the output at the end of the signal chain.

With the limiter active just before this point in the signal chain, you can avoid clipping by keeping the output level at 0dB.




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